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API Reference

The NewsCred Platform API is available for commercial and non-commercial use. Any commercial use requires prior agreement with NewsCred Incs. By accessing the NewsCred Platform API or requesting an API access key (see 2.1), you agree to the terms and conditions set out here:

Read the API Overview or get started right away with the Module Reference.

1. Overview:

1.1 The NewsCred Platform API consists of a set of callable methods that return formatted responses. The NewsCred API attempts to conform to the design principles of Representational State Transfer (REST).

1.2 All request methods described in this documentation take a list of named parameters as input.

  • The required parameter access_key is used to specify your unique API access key. (Section 2, below)

  • The optional parameter format is used to specify a response format. Default is XML. Other options are JSON and RSS.

  • The additional arguments, responses and error codes for each method are listed below next to each method name.

1.3 Note: The NewsCred Platform API exposes identifiers for topics, articles, sources and other uniquely identifiable objects. These GUIDs (globally unique identifiers) should always be treated as opaque strings.

2. User Authentication:

2.1 Users must always call API methods using a unique API access key. Minimal preliminary development can be done with the access key c4bcc3f7c9bf9ec159f51da0a86ca658. All commercial or frequent users must request an access key by contacting

2.2 All access to the NewsCred API will be tracked via the unique access key. Billing may be based on these statistics, and clients will receive copies of all analytics used in billing.

Modules of NewsCred Platform

  • Article

    Articles are the main unit of text content in the NewsCred Platform. This resource is used to access articles and their associations (topics, images, etc.).

  • Story

    A story is a collection of related articles. This resource is used to search for the most important stories about a given topic, category, or keyword, where importance is measured by how many different sources have reported on a story.

  • Source

    A source is anyone/company that provides content to the NewsCred Platform. This resource is used to find sources and the articles they've supplied.

  • Category

    Categories are broad classifications of content. Every article has an associated category.

  • Topic

    Topics are used to facilitate searching for and categorizing articles. This resource allows you to find topics and their associated articles and images.

  • Image

    This resource is used to search for images.

  • Author

    Authors are anyone who has contributed an article to the NewsCred Platform.