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NewsCred gives you the smartest and simplest way to license high quality, syndicated news and RSS feeds.

We partner with over 4,000 of the world’s most respected publishers to provide you with millions of full-text licensed news articles, images and video that cover every topic imaginable: as broad as Business or Travel and as niche as Risk Management Insurance and Cloud Computing.

Curate a customized content experience

NewsCred’s powerful curation technology and world-class editorial team, ensures your content is always fresh, relevant and on-brand:

All of our freelancers are put through a rigorous screening process. NewsRoom writers understand content marketing. We’ve developed the most exclusive, high quality community of original content writers available.

Work with world-class content providers, including Getty Images, Visually, Big Frame and Moveable Media

Access Getty Images' global network of world-class photographers to create original images. Commission original multimedia pieces through Moveable Media to amplify social sharing.

Collaborate with Visually’s leading graphic designers to simplify your brand’s message through beautiful infographics. Create branded videos starring online celebrities with Big Frame.

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