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NewsCred partners with premium publications like AP, STATS, Deadspin, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, and The Guardian to give you the world's best sports content – bringing your readers every kick, gasp, whistle, touchdown, goal and rally from the World Cup to Wimbledon.

The NewsCred SportsWire provides

Fully-licensed, full-text articles, hi-def photos and videos from leading from leading sports publishers

Game-changing curation technology iltering data and analysis into niche topics relevant to your readers

A world-class editorial team tailoring premium news experiences to any device or social network

Customized news feeds and content

  • London Olympics 2012
  • Euro 2012, UEFA Champion’s League, World Cup
  • NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA teams and players
  • Tennis, Golf and Cricket
  • NASCAR and F1 Racing


01- A sports broadcaster seeking local coverage for high school, college and professional sports in specific states.

02- A social sports website looking to license content for over 60 U.S. and international sports in order to expand their community and blog network.

03- A local Miami radio station interested in offering broader national coverage of the NBA playoffs for its online audience.

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